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zofunk nano cases
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Identifying different iPod models  

You can tell which iPod model you have by checking:
* If it has a scroll wheel, a touch wheel, or a Click Wheel.
* The size of its hard drive.
* If it has a color or monochrome screen.
* The dock connector.

How to tell which model you have:
Several external features can help you identify your iPod.

Fifth Generation iPod (also known as iPod with video):
The Fifth Generation iPod is a a hard drive-based iPod featuring a large, widescreen color display, a Click Wheel, and the capability of displaying photos and videos. Like iPod nano, it uses USB for syncing and comes in white and black.

iPod nano:
ipod nano withourt case
iPod nano is smaller than iPod mini and has a color screen and a Click Wheel but has flash memory instead of a hard drive. Song and photo syncing only occurs over USB 2 (not FireWire). iPod nano comes in white and black. The capacity of the iPod nano is engraved on the back of the case (1 GB, 2 GB, or 4 GB).

The dock connector (1) and headphone jack (2) are both on the bottom of the iPod nano.

iPod mini:
iPod Mini
iPod mini is distinguished from other models by
* Its smaller size.
* Its colors.
* The Hold switch, which is on the top-left side.
* The Click Wheel's button labels, which are on the wheel itself.

The iPod mini (Second Generation) models are distinguished from the original iPod mini models by
* Hard drive size engraved on back of unit.
* Click Wheel text color matches iPod mini (Second Generation) color

iPod with color display:
iPod and iPod photo are now one and the same, with every white iPod boasting a full-color display. They continue to have the same controls as iPod (Click Wheel) but now all models have a color display like iPod photo - ideal for viewing album artwork and playing slideshows. These are considered fourth generation models along with iPod (Click Wheel).

iPod (Click Wheel):
iPod (Click Wheel) models have a Click Wheel like the iPod mini, but are larger and the hold switch is on the top-right side. iPod (Click Wheel) models have a monochrome display. iPod (Click Wheel) is referred to as the fourth generation iPod.

iPod Special Edition U2:
ipod u2  model
The iPod Special Edition U2 is an iPod (Click Wheel) with a 20 GB hard drive. The differences are external and include: Black plastic exterior, red Click Wheel, signatures of the U2 band members engraved on the back, and "iPod Special Edition U2" engraved on the back. In June 2005 a new version of the iPod Special Edition U2 was introduced that is an iPod with color display with the same distinctive red and black exterior as before. These are also considered fourth generation iPod models.

iPod photo (also known as iPod with color display):
iPod photo models are functionally and visually identical to the iPod with color display (see above photo).

iPod photo (also known as iPod with color display):
iPod photo models are functionally and visually identical to the iPod with color display (see above photo).

iPod shuffle:

iPod shuffle is smaller than iPod mini and has no display. There are LED lights on the front and back. The capacity of the drive is engraved on the front USB connector.

iPod (dock connector):

iPod (dock connector) models have a dock connector as illustrated here.

Newer iPod models like iPod (Click Wheel) and iPod mini also have a dock connector, but the iPod (dock connector) has a touch wheel instead of a Click Wheel and the four control buttons are above the touch wheel. iPod (dock connector models are referred to as third generation iPod models.

iPod (touch wheel):
All iPod (touch wheel) models have a FireWire port cover. Scroll wheel models don't, and dock connector models don't have a FireWire port. The iPod (touch wheel) model controls look similar to the iPod (scroll wheel) but the touch wheel itself does not turn. iPod (touch wheel) models are considered second generation iPod models. The top of an iPod (touch wheel) model is shown here:

1. FireWire port cover
2. FireWire port
3. Headphones port
4. Hold switch

iPod (scroll wheel)
iPod  first generation
iPod (scroll wheel) models have a scroll wheel that physically turns. The controls (Play, Menu, Next, Previous) appear in a circle around the wheel. iPod (scroll wheel) models are referred to as first generation iPod models.

source:Apple Computers  
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